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AEA Fix It In The Mic - Chuck Ainlay

In this video interview, Grammy-winning producer/engineer Chuck Ainlay explains his approach to recording and how he uses microphones to get great sounds right away. Besides specific recording advice, this episode features insights into Chuck's engineering philosophies and secrets such as embracing experimentation and chance. Learn how to use different microphones to create full and well-rounded records, how to utilize leakage (or bleed), and why a cardioid microphone isn't always the best choice.

Chuck's acclaimed engineering career, which has spanned a twenty-eight year period, has allowed him to work with many of the world's finest artists, musicians and producers and develop a diverse list of clients that ranges from George Strait to Dire Straits. His engineering dominance in the country field has been recognized by many, including NARAS with multiple Grammy nominations for his numerous critically and commercially successful albums. In 1999 Chuck entered into a partnership with Sound Stage Studios to create Back Stage Studio, a state of the art, surround sound studio.


AEA's Fix it in the Mic video series is aimed at sharing the microphone secrets and tricks of industry professionals in a time when mentoring and real knowledge is hard to come by. Whether it's a hidden gem from the history of ribbon mics or the latest chart-topping record, the series offers application specific insight into the depths of ribbon mic technology and how the masters use it. AEA's mission is to help engineers get the sound they envision right from the start instead of "fixing it in the mix"- a craft and art that often gets lost in the midst of the hype about the latest new toy. Thus, the name Fix It In The Mic was born.

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