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AEA Fix It In The Mic - Chris Mara

This video interview features producer/engineer, studio owner, and tape machine guru Chris Mara. Let us take you back to Welcome to 1979, a retro, all analog recording studio based around a vintage console, tape machines, and microphone classics in Nashville, TN. Besides hands-on recording tricks and microphone knowledge, this video also spotlights a recent production with the artist Sean Michel that was recorded and mixed at Welcome to 1979. A vintage RCA 44 microphone captured the singer's energetic vocals and the raw, isolated vocal track can be heard during the video, as well as the final master. Don't miss Chris' valuable advice regarding vocal recording, choosing microphones, and tape delay.

Having made a name for himself refurbishing MCI tape machines under his Mara Machines brand (distributed by Vintage King Audio), Chris has extensive experience with tape and uses it for most of his sessions with artists such as Brendan Benson, Cory Chisel, Magnolia Sons, and many more. He also engineers a series of all-analog, straight to 2-track sessions recorded inside the historic United Record Pressing plant in Nashville, called Upstairs at United.


AEA's Fix it in the Mic video series is aimed at sharing the microphone secrets and tricks of industry professionals in a time when mentoring and real knowledge is hard to come by. Whether it's a hidden gem from the history of ribbon mics or the latest chart-topping record, the series offers application specific insight into the depths of ribbon mic technology and how the masters use it. AEA's mission is to help engineers get the sound they envision right from the start instead of "fixing it in the mix"- a craft and art that often gets lost in the midst of the hype about the latest new toy. Thus, the name Fix It In The Mic was born.