This episode of AEA Fix It In The Mic features a visit to Ben's Studio, the former RCA Studio A in Nashville, now owned by singer-songwriter and producer Ben Folds. Leslie Richter and Joe Costa, two seasoned freelance engineers who regularly work out of Ben's Studio, talk to us about their creative work in this legendary studio and share their thoughts on microphone techniques, studio gear, and the special qualities of ribbon mics. Join us for this rare glimpse at one of Nashville's largest and most historic recording studios.

Audio Engineering Associates is proud to announce the launch of Fix It In The Mic - Nashville, a series of video features and interviews about the Nashville music and recording scene. Starting on March 25th, viewers will meet Grammy-winning producers and engineers, Chuck Ainlay, Vance Powell, Bil VornDick among others, as they share some of their best kept recording secrets. The videos visit legendary studios such as Blackbird, House of Blues, and RCA Studio A where recording history has been written.