Here's another excellent "How It's Made" episode showing the assembly of an AEA ribbon microphone. This mic is almost $4000.

Hear Jens Kruger's Banjo in a classical piece. Recorded Sep. 20, 2011 at Double Time Studio in North Wilkesboro, NC. Produced by Philip Zanon.

AEA is proud to announce the first episode of Fix It In The Mic – Nashville featuring Grammy-winning producer/engineer Chuck Ainlay. In the video interview, Chuck explains his approach to recording and how he uses microphones to get great sounds right away. Besides specific recording advice, this episode features insights into Chuck's engineering philosophies and secrets such as embracing experimentation and chance. He points out how to use different microphones to create full and well-rounded records, how to utilize leakage (or bleed), and why a cardioid microphone isn't always the best choice.

The latest episode of AEA Fix It In The Mic is here! This time we present you a meeting of the minds with two industry veterans: Bil VornDick and Lynn Fuston. In the impressive control room of Studio A at Ocean Way Studios showcasing the world's largest discrete Neve 8078 console, the two engineers share some of their vast knowledge of recording and mixing music!

The latest AEA Fix It In The Mic video takes us back in time to Welcome To 1979, a retro all-analog recording studio in Nashville, TN. Hear how producer/engineer Chris Mara recorded the energetic gospel/blues artist Sean Michel using a vintage RCA 44 ribbon mic, and find out why you "can't EQ cool"!