The first installment of Live From The Shipping Room features trumpet player, Gabriel Johnson, double bassist, Lyman Medeiros, and pianist Jeff Babko. This session features an A440 on trumpet, KU4 on double bass, three N22s on upright piano, while an R88 captures the room all running through AEA’s new RPQ2 preamps.

“After all the work we do as musicians,” Johnson relates, “to get the sound we can – the best statement – there’s not really any reason for us to record. But when you get on the right microphone and if it’s telling you the actual sound you’ve been working for, then you are really lucky.”

Watch the full performances:

Sketch #11: https://youtu.be/RLvTr58sdJk

Sketch #9: https://youtu.be/DU5XD9b0I4s

Sketch #15: https://youtu.be/uEB-uuRz3S0


AEA engineer Sammy Rothman walks through recording a three piece band. With the great range of tone from the AEA ribbon mic collection and the old school vibes JHS Pedals Colour Box 500 preamp, Sammy shows that it doesn't take a lot of gear to get a great sound. Download the soloed high-res files here.

Producer/engineer, John McBride, expands on the creative process that led him to his success in recording and producing in the final segment of our video interview with this renowned owner of Blackbird Studio and Blackbird Academy.

John shares a candid story about discovering how the piano sound of "Lady Madonna" by The Beatles was created and how it got him to think outside the box. Ultimately, John believes that most of the craft in recording can be achieved with just the right mic and the right signal chain rather than going for the beaten path; otherwise known as “Fixing It In The Mic.” 

"If it doesn't make you go "wow", don't do it!" - This is how John McBride sums up his approach to recording. In this second segment of our three-part interview with John, we get into the nuts and bolts of choosing microphones and the importance of microphone placement.

Join us to hear from John how he makes microphone decisions and how the AEA R88mk2 stereo ribbon gets used at Blackbird Studio!

Remember to watch Part 1 here!