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AEA R44 Inducted into NAMM’s 2017 TEC Hall of Fame

Sat 17 Dec 2016

AEA proudly announces that its R44C has been inducted into the TEC Award Hall of Fame.

The R44C was a culmination of engineering and component improvements which began after RCA closed down its microphone division. In 1976 AEA began servicing the legendary ribbon mic, the 44, and over the next twenty years made sonic improvements to the 44s while developing stronger magnets and more reliable internal components.

This research enabled AEA to launch its own 44, the R44C, at the 1998 AES Convention in San Francisco. Evolving for 75 years, the R44 has adapted amazingly well to contemporary studio needs. AEA has continued to employ modern technologies to create new versions of this classic microphone bringing it closer to Dr. Harry Olson’s (the inventor of the R44) ideal: the best microphone possible for music and voice work.

As Wes Dooley acknowledges, “Many of you supported our efforts through the years. Our profound thanks for all of you who have cared about sound quality.”